Sounds of Lamborghini Aventador Scraping the Road will Make You Cringe

Yes, yes, this is the now infamous matte-black Lamborghini Aventador LP640-4 that went airborne after colliding with a Mazda2, before striking a parked BMW 3 in London this past Sunday, stirring quite a commotion in the online world, with some people placing the blame on the tall Japanese hatch, but most, on the Italian supercar's driver.

This is What a BMW M2 Could Look Like

Rumor has it that a fully-fledged M variant of the 2-Series coupe, an M2, could hit the global market in 2016. In theory, the recipe is simple: take the already sporty and sharp M235i, make it lighter, wider and more focused, then bestow it with the same or similar engine as the one under the bonnet of the M3/M4 duo, albeit in a detuned guise (with between 360 – 400 hp).

Gasoline-Sniffing Spiders Strike Back, Mazda Recalls 42,000 Mazda6 Sedans in the U.S.

Remember Mazda’s 2011 recall caused by gasoline-sniffing spiders? Well, despite the automaker’s efforts to solve the problem, spiders have still found a way to get into the Mazda6’s fuel tank vent line.
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