Ahem... Motor Trend Thinks Cadillac Ups the Ante with Free Oil Change and Cabin Filters

Earlier today, we reported that Cadillac announced a 'free service plan' for its 2011MY cars. Here's what the plan includes in GM's own words: "The program, called Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance, covers scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, replacement of engine and cabin air filters and a multi-point vehicle inspection."

Call us picky, but we like to... look between the lines and read between the words. In Motor Trend's report on the matter, not only does the author forget to mention what GM / Cadillac covers in its free maintenance program, but the article goes on to say that "Cadillac managed to up the ante this morning with its announcement" and that " Cadillac's plan essentially mirrors BMW's Ultimate Service program."

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