New 2011 BMW X3 SUV: Mega Gallery with 210 Photos

BMW is giving us a sneak peak of its forthcoming 2011 X3 through a huge gallery of photos of the pre-production model. To keep the interest in the new X3 going, the Bavarian automaker retained some camouflage on the body and the dashboard. However, there are plenty of shots of the new X3 alongside the first generation of the model allowing us to visually compare the two vehicles.

Despite the camouflage, it is evident that the 2011 X3 adopts the less complicated and controversial styling language of the post-Bangle era BMWs such as the new 5-Series along with a more prominent double-kidney grille.

From the photos it also appears that the new X3 has grown in dimensions compared to the current model, thus allowing it to be better positioned between the X1 and X5 crossovers.

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