Big Brother Is Watching (You Drive) Part Deux: Rule Britannia!

In the past we’ve reported on American insurers that are offering lower premiums to young drivers in return for some of their privacy. The idea is that a camera or electronic “black box” is installed in a provisional licensee’s vehicle, which monitors driving behavior on the road. It’s Big Brother behind the wheel and a lot of parents – and a few reluctant teens – are more than willing to make the trade.
Now a UK based insurer called Marmalade will offer a similar package across the pond. The idea is a simple one: Marmalade will lease cars fitted with a data recorder (a.k.a. “black box”) to newly qualified drivers. Information on every journey is recorded and beamed back to the insurance company’s website analysis. This includes how fast the car accelerates, how quickly it corners and how harshly it brakes.

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