The Dangers of Test Driving: BMW M5 E60 Driver Overtakes M5 F10 Prototype at 300km/h [Video]

Being a test driver for any automaker isn’t an easy task. In fact, there are times it can be downright dangerous, as this video clip proves. You see, it is one thing filming a prototype vehicle from a distance and on foot and another when a fool does it holding a cell phone camera on one hand and the steering wheel with the other while passing you on the autobahn at around 300km/h (187mph)… That’s just beyond stupid.
The cars in question here are a BMW M5 E60 and what is claimed to be a lightly camouflaged prototype of the next generation M5 F10, which we saw in concept form at this week’s 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. Watch the short video after the break.

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