So You Want Buy a Used Ferrari, do You? F355 Owner Spent $47,845 to Repair the Engine!

Admit it; if you're one of our regular readers, as much as you may like mainstream models such as the BMW 3-Series Coupe, chances are that the thought of owning a genuine German or Italian sports car has crossed your mind more than once.
But unless you're super rich (you're not), you'll probably never have the opportunity to buy a new supercar which leaves you with only one option if you really want to make your dream come true: look for a used exotic sports car.
However, while the used supercar market offers a variety of options for many different sized wallets, before you go car hunting on eBay, we would like to remind you of the saying, "All that glitters is not gold".
Naturally, not all used cars are the same, but just because you can afford to buy a second- or third-hand Ferrari doesn't mean that you can afford to maintain one. Keep in mind that these vehicles were designed for people who had no problem spending the equivalent of a house on a car.

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