An Amazing Front Flip Snowmobile Stunt and a Painful Mishap from the Winter X Games 2012

When you are trying to win a tough competition, you should be aware that with great risks come great rewards if you succeed but great pains if you fail.
At the Snowmobile finals during the Winter X Games 2012 that took place in Aspen, Colorado, on Sunday night, we saw a lot of both including the painful crash of Justin Hoyer on a double backflip attempt in the Snowmobile Best Trick competition and the scary free-fall of Colten Moore in the Snowmobile Freestyle event.
However, we also witnessed a truly spectacular front flip from Heath Frisby – the first ever of its kind in an official competition – during the Snowmobile Best Trick finals.
You can take a look at the videos right after the jump, just note that the third clip with Hoyer's accident isn't for the faint-hearted..

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