Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Splits in Two After Hitting a Metal Pole

No gold stars for guessing where this accident took place; yes, it's good ol' Mother Russia again. Last Saturday in Moscow, the driver of this red Ferrari 612 Scaglietti lost control of the V12-powered Italian exotic and slammed into a metal pole on the side of the road.
What makes this incident stand out - besides the fact that there's a Ferrari involved, is that the force of the crash was so brutal that it resulted in the front-end of the 612 Scaglietti being separated from the rest of the vehicle.
The only part of the Ferrari's front end that remained on the body was the passenger side fender.
Aside from the driver, there were three more passengers inside the 612 Scaglietti when the accident occured. Russian news sites reported that the driver was the only one to suffer some minor injuries from the crash with the rest of the passengers walking away unscathed.

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