BMW Counts on Upcoming Front-Wheel Drive Models to Keep No1 Spot in Premium Segment

Along with his three brothers, Harris Morris Warner was among the key founders of the Warner Bros. studio. In the early 20th century, movies had no sound; after acquiring the KWBC radio station, H.M.’s (as he was known) younger brother Sam decided to use synchronized sound in the company's movies. The elder brother’s response upon hearing this idea was not very positive.
“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” he said, a quote that would remain in history despite the fact that he, obviously, soon changed his mind.
In much the same way, BMW purists are scoffing at the company’s plans to introduce front-wheel drive cars. The first will be the 1-Series GT, which was previewed by the Active Tourer concept that was displayed at this year’s Paris Auto Show, and starting from 2013, will rival the Mercedes B-Class.

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