It’s the New Black: The Low-Down on Merc’s Hardcore SLS AMG Black Series [27 Photos]

Unless you’re a professional racing driver, chances are that a “regular” AMG-fettled Mercedes-Benz is more than quick enough for every occasion. Special editions, though, are a very nice way to attract a few more clients a make a buck or two in the process as well.
On the other hand, while many special or limited editions are the same-old package with a few “exclusive” extras thrown in to justify the price hike, the Affalterbach-based outfit does things the right way.
That’s why when Mercedes ordered AMG to produce a Black Series version of their SLS AMG supercar they did a thorough job, making changes in every aspect of the car.
Of course, there’s the usual marketing hype about the SLS AMG Black Series, only the fifth model ever to wear that label, being “inspired by the GT3 racer” and “the ultimate choice for fast laps and a highly emotional driving experience”.
But then again, they would say that, wouldn’t they? So let’s get on with the stuff that really matters.

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