2M-Designs Will Have Your Jaguar XF Diesel Looking Like This for €15,000

Not that the Jaguar XF lacks in the style department, but German foil wrap specialist 2M-Designs has collaborated with local tuners Loder1899 and MB-Individual Cars to present a more unique and powerful take on the British luxury saloon.

The makeover of the diesel-powered XF 3.0 SDV6 begins with a silky matte white foil wrap and black accents before a rear diffuser made out of carbon fiber and several elements from the XFR-S are added, including the front bumper, grille and bonnet scoops.

Completing the look is a set of 21-inch wheels shod in 255/30ZR21 tires on the front axle and 295/35ZR21 on the rear, and slightly tinted head- and tail-lamps.

The XF also gains a 35mm lowered sports suspension with Eibach parts and an engine tune that includes a different exhaust system boosting the 3.0-liter V6's output from 275PS (271hp) to 340PS (335hp) for a 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint time of 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 280km/h (174mph).

The cost for this specific build in Germany is €15,000, which comes to around US$20,400 at the current exchange rates.


JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_1JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_2JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_3JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_4JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_5JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_6JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_7JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_8JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_9JAGUAR XF_ 2M-Designs_10


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