Bangled Up Mazda MX-5 Pretending to be BMW Z9 Concept Completed

Ah, what memories this Mazda MX-5 / Miata-based BMW Z9 Concept replica brings back; no, no, I'm not talking about the actual car, but about the time that passed since we first posted about the project in 2007.

More than six years later, and its owner sent us an email to inform us that the project has been completed and the car re-listed for sale on eBay.

If cars had a soul, (they don't, no matter what Alfa Romeo fan boys and marketers tell you) and could speak, we wonder what secret desires this Mazda would reveal… However, since the car itself can't tell us anything, we'll share the story from its creator who introduced himself to us as 'Duy':

"Here is a little back story to this project.  Back in 2000, I saw a Z9 Cabriolet concept car that was not going to make it to production.  I liked it so much that I had to make one for myself," he said.

"I purchased a 1994 Miata in 2002 while I was living in Arizona.  Started the project and didn't finish it until I moved to Florida.  I drove the car from Arizona to Florida in 2004 with no issues. It has been an ongoing project and I changed some details that I felt would look better than what was on the original design. The exterior of the car was completed in 2008 and I was planning to swap the complete motor, brembo brakes and AWD system from a 2003 Mitsubishi EVOLUTION that I acquired.  The engine swap was a big project and I never had a chance to start the project. The reason for selling is because I rarely get a chance to drive the vehicle because there are no rear seats for the kids".

Last we checked on the eBay listing, there were 32 bids, the highest standing at $3,050.




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