Driving a Ferrari F12b Legally at Over 300km/h in Germany

After seeing the result of the Ferrari F12berlinetta crash in the Netherlands (not Belgium as initially reported), it’s nice to see one of these front-engined supercars on the road, going fast and not sliding off, hitting a tree and landing on its side. This video shows a white F12 being driven as fast as possible on a derestricted stretch of German autobahn.

As you may know, slower cars and trucks that are late in changing lanes, and sometimes standing water too, are the two biggest speed-impeding factors when attempting to go flat out in these situations.

However, with 740 hp on tap, the average F12 driver can, with relative ease, get the car up to and just over 300 km/h or 186 mph even with some traffic, as you will undoubtedly have seen upon scrolling down to until after the virtual jump.

It’s actually an enjoyable piece of footage, and luckily the passenger doesn’t need to diagonally film across the car, as Ferrari has gone the extra mile and added a monochrome digital display showing gear, speed and revs just above the glove compartment.

By Andrei Nedelea


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