German Rumor Mill Churns Out New Reports of FWD-Biased BMW X2 and Larger X7 for 2018

It seems that the production version of the Active Tourer concept and fresh X1 will not be the only new BMWs to use a front-wheel drive platform as their base. New reports from the German magazine Autobild suggest that the famed Bavarian maker of excellent sports saloons will also be adding an X2 to its range.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of it, and back when the first rumors came out,l it was even suggested that it would follow a similar philosophy to that of the 2001 X-Coupe Concept.

However, if it does become a real model, it will most likely look like the X1 that it's based on, with a coupe roof similar to that of the still fresh X4 – sounds a (slightly bigger) propeller-badged MINI Paceman/Countryman kind-of crossover to me.

The smaller X2 would go up against the same models as the five-door X1: Audi Q3 and Mercedes’ GLA, though, in all fairness, its only real rival would be the two-door Range Rover Evoque, as there are no other similar crossovers that offer “coupe styling.”

At the other end of the faux-off-roader range, another model that was mentioned in the past, but ultimately denied, is back in focus – the X7 large SUV that would sit above the X5 in the lineup, in the firing range of the Mercedes-Benz GL or Land Rover Discovery.

By Andrei Nedelea

Note: Next BMW X1 pictured above and below




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