Happy Thanksgiving to All! What Used Car Under $10,000 Would You Appreciate Today?

It’s the last Thursday of November which means only one thing for anyone living in the States: we're one day before hordes of people storm the stores at absurd times for black Friday deals – no, I just (partially) kid; it’s Thanksgiving 2013 and we'd like to pass along our best wishes to everyone out there from the team here at Carscoops.

We'll be taking some time off until Sunday to recharge our engines and be with our families, but don't worry, we'll still bring you news and interesting stories, just at a slower pace over the next few days.

Since Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and we are an automotive site, we thought about asking you what used car priced under the more widely affordable threshold of $10,000 would you appreciate to drive today.

You can give us one or more proposals in the comments section with pictures. As far as I'm concerned, my first choice would be an 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Coupe I found on eBay with a current highest bid of $7,305 and a "low reserve", but to be frank, I doubt it will go for less than $10k… But it looks damn good in the pictures and I just had to add it – what can I say; I'm a sucker for classic RWD Italian sports cars.

While I couldn't find the Alfa's list price on the seller's site at SpeedSports, what I did discover there is my second application for today's drive, a 1983 AM General M923 6X6 Cargo Cummins Allison H1 Military Hummer for $7,290. Do I really need to explain why I would want to drive one of these monsters?

As for my third option, I think I'd go for a classic 1980s all-white Corvette (listed at $5,000), which besides offering some RWD fun, it would also blend well with a white t-shirt under a shoulder-padded, pastel-colored jacket to surely annoy the hell out of anyone asking you to dress properly during a family meeting. What more can you ask?

Have your say below and don't forget, stay away from the wheel if you're having too much Thanks-drinking entertainment these days.

By John Halas




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