Next Batmobile May be Built by GM Division Behind Transformers; No More Military Looks!

Batman wouldn’t be the cool masked vigilante/detective/billionaire by day that he is, without his assortment of toys that always seem to be perfectly suited for the situation in which they are used.

The same principle applies to Batmobiles, which are easily the most noticeable pieces of kit he is seen using, and now, there’s going to be a new one being made for the upcoming big screen confrontation that needs no explanation: “Batman vs Superman.”

However, unlike the previous one, The Dark Knight’s Tumbler, this new one will not be military inspired in any way, and will have a different team than before working on it.

Jalopnik has information that GM’s division, at the Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood, will apparently be the one behind the new Batmobile. They were the ones who also designed some of the cars seen in the latest Transformers movie, including the Camaro Bumblebee, which is now known world-wide.

However, there’s more… Apparently, it will be based on one of GM’s own models, most likely a concept and possibly a Cadillac (not a new one), though certainty regarding the latter is something we don’t have.

GM has been making more and more appealing cars recently, and if they do go down the new model or concept route, well then they have a large pool of cars to cherry-pick from, to not only give their own image a boost, but also act as a base for a memorable Batmobile.

Which do you think is most suitable, and do you think there’s any chance of it beating its illustrious predecessors? Tells, and why not, show us too with pictures below in the comments.

By Andrei Nedelea



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