Porsche Designers Try to Convince Us the Macan’s Styling Is Inspired by Race and Sports Cars

Porsche may be saying the Macan is the sports car of the compact SUV segment, but truth is, the car looks a lot like the Cayenne. Especially when viewed from the front and the sides, it’s hard to distinguish it from its bigger brother – and it looks like the confusion carries on when it comes to pricing, too.

The rear end is, in my view, where the Macan differs the most from the Cayenne, largely due to the elongated horizontal taillights. In this latest official video, however, Porsche mentions nothing about the Cayenne, saying the Macan’s design “combines the best of Porsche race cars and sports cars”.

Porsche designers talk about how the Macan features elements from the 911, 918 Spyder and even Porsche racecars. However, it only takes one look at the car to realize it’s a mini-Cayenne in terms of styling (the interior is no exception).

Scroll down to watch the video for yourself.

By Dan Mihalascu


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