Spy Shots: Next Mini Clubman Grows Some Doors

The Clubman will be one of Mini's current models that will continue for a second generation, but it will do so in a different form being more integrated in the lineup as it will eschew its current 2+1 side door setup with the single suicide-style rear door for a more conventional four-door arrangement.

But wait, you say; isn't that what the first ever five-door Mini hatchback that we showed you on Thursday is for? Well, the new Clubman will be the longer estate version of the third generation Mini lineup, and to further differentiate it from the 5-door car, it will retain the current model's split rear-door (hinged on the sides) format

It remains to be seen how much more room or practicality the Clubman will add over its hatchback brethren with which it will share the same interior, platform and range of turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines.

The Clubman will be the third model to be added in range after the three-door hatch, and the upcoming five-door and soft-top convertible editions.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS



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