Audi Expands A5 Range with 134HP and 161HP TDIe Diesel Engines in Europe

These days, downsizing doesn't occur only to engine displacement but also to engine outputs. Case in point, the introduction of two new entry-level diesel engines for Audi's A5 Sportback and A5 Coupe models.
The new 136PS (134bhp) and 163PS (161bhp) 2.0-liter TDIe diesels will be offered in parallel to the existing 143PS (141bhp) and 177PS (175bhp) 2.0-liter TDI units, the difference being that the 'e' engines are less powerful but more fuel-efficient.
The 2.0-litre TDIe 163PS is available on both the A5 models, linked exclusively to six-speed manual transmission.

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