BMW 2-Series Coupe Takes on 1-Series Coupe in Our Visual Comparison Test

BMW launched the 4-Series and 2-Series nameplates as part of its plan to differentiate coupe and cabriolet models from the models they’re derived from – in this case the 3-Series and 1-Series, respectively.

We’ve already seen how the new 4-Series Coupe looks compared to its predecessor, so now it’s time to take a close look at the differences between the new 2-Series Coupe and the model it replaces, the 1-Series Coupe.

My opinion (feel free to disagree) is that the 2-Series Coupe is a more significant improvement over the 1-Series Coupe than the 4-Series Coupe over its predecessor, the 3-Series Coupe.

A lot has to do with the front end of the car, where the awkward-looking headlights of the 1-Series Coupe (I’ve always believed they gave the car a sad and confused look at the same time) have been replaced with slimmer, better-looking, “happier” units. The 2-Series Coupe looks more self-confident, an impression also given by the “smiling” kidneys and the muscular bonnet.

When viewed from the sides and the rear, the differences between the two cars are less obvious, despite some key details. The 2-Series has a sleeker profile thanks to the slightly longer hood and wheelbase, while the design of the rear end gives the impression that the car is wider. Overall, I think the exterior styling of the 2-Series Coupe represents a clear progress compared to its predecessor.

On the inside, the 1-Series Coupe looks less dated than on the outside, but I think the 2-Series Coupe has the edge here as well, thanks to the more sculpted dashboard and the driver-oriented center console. It looks fresher, which is something one would expect from a newer model.

The photo gallery posted below will help you decide whether the 2-Series Coupe is a visual improvement over the 1-Series Coupe or not.

My conclusion is that BMW has a winner with the 2-Series Coupe and I believe sales will confirm that. I wish I could say the same thing about the 1-Series' looks...

By Dan Mihalascu



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