Top Gear Spotted in Ukraine Filming - Probably En Route to the Sochi Winter Olympics [w/Videos]

The trio of hosts from the UK's Top Gear television show was spotted in Kiev, Ukraine earlier this week, and it seems to have started a speculation war in the local community, as nobody is quite sure what they are doing there.

The most plausible of theories put out is that they simply passed through the country en route to the Russian city of Sochi, the 2014 home of the Winter Olympics.

Whichever the case, they did cause quite a bit of commotion, as there seem to be many fans of the show in those parts, as well as many dedicated sites discussing it…

The presenters were not only photographed in Kiev, but also caught on video on an unspecified highway, and they even stop to have a chat with local media at a restaurant for about 20 minutes – James May was reportedly very polite, but quite silent, but that’s probably because he was extremely chuffed about driving his blue right-hand drive Dacia Sandero.

Alongside, Jeremy thought the VW Up! would be an adequate match (and an excellent car to light up a cigarette in with the windows up), while Richard went for a Ford Fiesta hatch.

Interesting choices, given the huge distances involved; admitting their Journey started in Kiev, they’d still have a lot of miles to cover before reaching the speculated destination – about 930 of them to be exact, or 1,500 km.

Naturally, being in Ukraine, they couldn’t resist the temptation of absorbing some residual radiation, so they went to the Chernobyl area. I wonder what they will get themselves banned for here?

By Andrei Nedelea

Thanks to Lavrik D. from Youcar for the heads up!

Story References and Photos: Youcar


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