Ballsy Nissan 370Z Fan Announces Sale of Own Testicle to Afford Dream Car…

No, we’re not jesting, it’s for real, apparently… Middle-aged Mark Parisi has announced on television that he is willing to have one of his testes removed as part of a medical trial and for this he will be remunerated with the distinctly average sum of $35,000, which is apparently the standard rate ‘nads go for these days…

He also wants sports car and is apparently going to direct his earnings towards buying a Nissan 370Z, a modest yet realistic choice for his budget – he’ll even be able to add some options, at it starts at $29,900.

I’m curious how Mr/2 Parisi will ever be able to start a serious conversation with another human being or be taken seriously ever again. This kind of decision is clearly not taken on a clear head, and anybody in their right mind or who still has a bit of compassion for humans would try talking him out of it.

It would have been understandable had the stakes for getting the money been higher (i.e. family member needed the cash for life-saving surgery), but as is it’s ridiculous and disgusting on many levels; it’s not even amusing.

What is the world coming to? No, really?

The moment when Mr. Parisi says “I do” was captured on video as part of the CBS show “The Doctors.” Hopefully, it’s all just for ratings, and they’re giving him the cash just to say these things – even that would be more acceptable.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: News



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